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There are very few properties that are built on land that is totally flat, which is why just about every home you see has some sort of brick or stone steps in place to gain entry. If you are looking for new steps or are looking to repair your existing stairs, we will bring the materials to you and build on site. We work hard to deliver a top-quality step installation that will stand the test of time. Not only will we create stairs that look great, you can also guarantee that they will be structurally sound.

Each set of steps that we create are custom built, giving you the freedom to go with a design that fits the existing look of your property. The whole process begins with the excavation and leveling of the work area, after which we lay a solid stone sub-base. The core structure and concrete footings are reinforced using steel, after which the finishing’s, which could be concrete, brick, or whatever material you choose, are added. Your new steps will look great and be strong enough to stand the test of time.

Little Rock Brick Mason

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It is out use of steel to reinforce the steps that puts us ahead of the competition when it comes to installation. The vast majority of companies out there will skip the steel part of the process, choosing instead to simply place blocks on top of the sod with no reinforcements put in place. Once moisture finds a way in, which it will, those blocks will deteriorate, which will in turn bring damage to the mortar joints. Before long, you will have steps that are breaking underfoot. 

With the process that we use in our step installation, you can have peace of mind in knowing that moisture will not find a way in. If you have previously had another contractor add sub-par steps, we are happy to come in and repair the damage without charging an arm and a leg. Before you get your new steps installed, take the first step in the process, which is to call us and schedule a consultation. We are proud to build brick and stone steps all over Central Arkansas including SherwoodMaumelle, Jacksonville, Benton, and Bryant.

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Little Rock Brick Mason

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